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when you are gone from me
there are moments when your going
goes unnoticed -

the morning light wraps itself
around the gray walls,
waiting for you
to come in
from the other room.

and now,
on the softened edge of sleep,
you lay with me,

as if our beds
were two twin pools,
and I, a little stone,
falling into one,
not knowing the difference

“Meanwhile the world goes on.”
Mary Oliver, excerpt from “Wild Geese” + (via mythologyofblue)
“I sat on a gray stone bench
ringed with the ingenue faces
of pink and white impatiens
and placed my grief
in the mouth of language,
the only thing that would grieve with me.”
Lisel Mueller,When I Am Asked” (via mitochondria)
“Your memory is made of light, of smoke, of a still pond!
Beyond your eyes, farther on, the evenings were blazing.
Dry autumn leaves revolved in your soul.”
Pablo Neruda, from “I Remember You as You Were,” The Ecco Anthology of International Poetry (Ecco, 2010)


nyctaeusJames Nizam, ‘Anteroom’, 2012, Commissioned by Louis Vuitton

“I long ago came to the conclusion that even if I could put down accurately the thing I saw and enjoyed, it would not give the observer the kind of feeling it gave me. I had to create an equivalent for what I felt about what I was looking at—not copy it.”
Georgia O’Keeffe (via huariqueje)
“I wish I never met you and I wish you never left.
You taste like a river in June.”
Arkaye Kierulf, “Spaces” (via petrichour)
“In the universe, there are things that are known, and things that are unknown. And, in between, there are doors.”
William Blake (via libraryfortress)
“October 21. In the sunshine. The voices of the world becoming quieter and fewer.”
Franz Kafka, The Blue Octavo Notebooks (via kafkaesque-world)


The tragedy is not that we are alone, but that we cannot be. At times I would give anything in the world to no longer be connected by anything to this universe of men.

— Albert Camus, Notebooks 1951-1959. Notebooks 1951-1959. Ivan R. Dee, 2008


*takes gulp of vodka straight from the bottle* my day was fine